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CLD in temporary first

Last updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - Save & Share

Temporary-Fencing-FenceSafe-011CLD Fencing Systems,has launched a new range of temporary fencing claiming it offers a ‘safe, secure and sustainable solution’ for the protection and security of construction sites, events and retail.

FenceSafe™ is a patent pending system that employs a no foundation base to create a newly designed temporary fencing. Manufactured from 100 per cent recycled plastic and over 90per cent recycled British and European steel, the fencing system is claimed to be the first system that can be converted throughout the project as the site develops, to become the permanent boundary and perimeter protection.

‘This saving in raw material and a greatly reduced carbon footprint allows construction companies to integrate a greener and more environmentally beneficial solution in yet another area of the building project,’ said a CLD spokesman.

‘Featuring a profiled rigid mesh panel system with 5mm welded wires and 30mm projecting spikes allows CLD Fencing Systems to offer a temporary fencing solution that has enhanced security and in turn offers a better level of safety for events and site access. Matched with either fixed gates from the CLD Lockmaster (swing) and CLD Slidemaster (cantilever) range of ingress and egress solutions or as a temporary gated access,’ he said.

More information available at www.fencesafe.co.uk

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