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Evolution in Parking Barrier Island from UBS

A new surface mounted barrier base that can be rapidly deployed has been unveiled by Universal Barrier Solutions Ltd (UBS). UBS has launched the Evolution pre-formed, surface mounted barrier island to save the security and parking industries valuable time and money in installing barriers quicker and easier. UBS MD John Pye said “We are delighted to bring this product […]

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Heras Ups Zenith Range

Heras has upped its security options with the new Zenith range of SR1, SR2 and SR3 products. With the Zenith system, Heras is looking to offer a range of options to counter anything from vandalism through terrorism attacks. Using a combination of anti-climbing 358 mesh system, secure foundations and security toppings, such as barbed wire, […]

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Fastening Leader ESSVE Enters UK

After 50 years in business, ESSVE took a giant leap five years ago with the launch of the ESSBOX system, an integrated fastening system developed in close co-operation with professional craftsmen to make their everyday life more efficient. Now the system is going global. One of the reasons behind ESSVE´s strong growth is its close […]

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