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Sleeve Claims to Keep Posts

Last updated: Friday, July 28, 2023 - Save & Share

Postsaver, a wood life extension specialist company, has developed Postsaver +Plus, a new protective sleeve for wood fence posts and fruit supports.

Postsaver +Plus, developed for the professional specifier market, is based on technology that is proven to protect critical utility infrastructure like power and telecom poles from rot under various environmental conditions around the world.

When used with UC4 water-based copper wood preservative, Postsaver +Plus is guaranteed for 40 years and claimed by its manufacturers as a reliable alternative to Creosote or C.C.A. wood preservative treatment.

According to the harmonised classification and labelling (CLP00) approved by the European Union, Creosote may cause cancer and will be banned in Europe in the near future.

Richard George, CEO of Postsaver said: ‘Unlike wood preservatives alone, our composite barrier sleeves maintain full effectiveness to ensure protection from wood decay that does not fade over time.’

The Postsaver +Plus sleeve consists of a long-life and UV stabilised thermoplastic heat-shrinkable sleeve lined with a proprietary meltable thermoplastic sealant that is compatible with all types of wood preservative. The sleeve is heat applied to the ground-line section of wooden fence posts and fruit supports.

When heated during application, the inner bituminous sealant penetrates into the wood’s surface to create an air and watertight seal while the outer thermoplastic shield shrinks down to form a second layer of protection.

The dual-layer rot shield technology has been independently tested to meet the requirements of the Building Research Establishment (UK), the American Wood Protection Association (US) and the South African National Standards Board and is proven to exclude all factors which can cause decay.

‘Postsaver +Plus sleeve extends deeper below ground than standard sleeve protection, thereby significantly reducing the risk of wood decay. Independent test data show that posts are expected to last for more than 40 years, if Postsaver +Plus sleeves are applied to UC4 treated posts, and 20 years, when applied to untreated posts e.g., in environmentally sensitive areas.This makes Postsaver +Plus an independently tested and reliable alternative to Creosote,’ said George.

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