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Child Safety Top of Locinox List

Last updated: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - Save & Share

Child safety is at the centre of the latest Locinox product – the new Guardima magnetic lock.

With the latch at one and a half metres height, the latest innovation from the Belgium manufacturer prevents children up to five years old from opening the gate without supervision.

The development of the Guardima comes as demand for private swimming pools continues to surge.

However, still only a few countries have developed clear and limiting guidelines on pool safety. In Europe, France uses ‘la Norme Afnor’ (NF P90-360), the United States laid down the law in state-dependent regulations and in Oceania, Australia (AS 1926) and New Zealand (NZS 5826:2010) are pool safety pioneers.

“For Locinox, child & pool safety are crucial focal points. Without general regulations, our research & development team focuses on combining the abovementioned norms for a universally accepted range of child safe products. Our most recent innovation is the Guardima, a magnetic lock that secures pools, parks, playgrounds and any other child friendly environment,” said Locinox commercial director,Lieven Pieters.

“The latch is at least 1,5 meters high en remains out of reach for children younger than five years old. It only unlocks when the magnet is pulled up, with a 20N resistance force, which is an additional security measure for young children,” he said.

A magnet has been included in the keep to ensure gate closure and with a magnetic distance of 30 mm – twice the industry standard, Loconix maintains that the Guardima tis the strongest on the market.
The Guardima is horizontally adjustable up to 25 mm and the gap between the post and gate wing can be 15 mm to 45 mm. the patented design with anodized aluminium housing has been tested up to two million cycles providing extreme weather resistance in any climate.

“The daybolt is drawn to a close without any resistance for a smooth closing, even when the gate and post aren’t closely aligned. Child safe solutions are only worthwhile when the gate automatically closes after each passage. A self-latching mechanism is a recurring demand in every regulation. Locinox answers this demand with an extensive range of gate closers, of which the compact Tiger combines perfectly with the child safe Guardima” said Pieters.

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