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EasyGates Continues to Play Part

Last updated: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - Save & Share

A decade on and the automatic barrier and access control industry is taking time to reflect on the the ‘DHF Guide to gate safety legislation and standards’.

A key document for the industry, it was produced by the DHF with extensive contribution from EasyGates Ltd of Halesowen and ASO Safety Solutions.

It was produced following two separate incidents in June 2010, where tragically, two young children died within the space of a week. These deaths served to highlight the safety issues that faced the UK gate automation industry.

The guide emphasised the responsibilities of the installer and the manufacturer, pointed out the need to produce a proper risk assessment, and explained how to follow the standardsthat need to be adhered to. The guide also briefed the legal requirements for manufacturing and carrying out the fitting and maintenance of automated door and gate systems.

Stuart Roddy and Dave Blake of EasyGates pictured above

Tony Gooding, managing director of EasyGates said: “This was a major turning point for the industry – for the first time all the relevant information was collated in a comprehensive guide. We were proud of our involvement, and still are today as it is still in use around the UK. It provided the basis for how things should be done – and has helped the industry build the reputation that it now has.”

As a result of the guide EasyGates also produced a range of videos to support the training of fitters and those responsible for the maintenance of automated door and gate systems.

Dave Blake, the UK product and technical training manager for EasyGates, said: “The importance of this guide, and the subsequent videos and training materials produced, cannot be understated. These have given the industry a track to run on when it comes to providing the quality and safety that the customers deserve. We are always looking to ensure that we provide the latest information to the industry and will soon be enhancing our video training guides as well as continuing to offer on site training at our Halesowen site.

“Our courses are attended by people from all over the UK, showing how important gate safety is now taken.”

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