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Funding Deadline is on the Horizon Warns Training Body

Last updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - Save & Share

“Call to action” is the alert from Fencing and Construction Training (FaCT) with the deadline to sign up for their current funding programme on 31 July 2021 not far away.
Those 24 or over and based in England, then could be eligible for the funding to support gain the blue FISS CSCS card for skilled installers. With the end of industry accreditation issued cards getting closer, FaCT is describing it as an ideal time to get qualifications in place and prevent losing out on 1 January 2025. This funding can also be used if applicants have never held a blue card before or want to upgrade to a blue card.
The programme includes the work-based assessments for the Level 2 Diploma in Fencing and a package of additional training including the HS training and testing needed for the blue FISS CSCS card, plus CAT & Genny; abrasive wheels; manual handling; and safe use of power tools (this training can be delivered online or face-to-face). This would normally cost approximately £1800, but with the funding package including your card application it is just £800 (plus VAT).
To be eligible you need to: be employed; be a UK or EU citizen; be aged 24 or over (we may be able to fund 19-23 year olds – call FaCT for details); you must live in England (mayoral controlled cities are not included e.g., London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, parts of the North East, Yorkshire and Peterborough – call FaCT to confirm with your home postcode); you must be employed by an England based business and be mainly working in England (the programme can also fund the self-employed, subject to approval).
Tim Drew, FaCT’s, managing director, said: “We can’t stress the urgency of signing up for this funding – with everything that is going on post Brexit and the ongoing recovery programme for the economic impact of COVID-19, the future of funding is very unsure. Despite our history of delivering funded programmes; for the first time in years, we don’t have any funding for sign-ups, post 31 July 2021, which is very disappointing. We are constantly working hard to try and change this, but it is currently unlikely we will have any funding in place after 31 July. Everyone who doesn’t already have the Level 2 qualification will need to have it in place to retain their card after industry accreditation ends on 31 December 2024, and the funding programme offers an ideal opportunity to get it in place before the deadline; gives you the extra training and saves you over £1,000”
The end of industry accreditation/grandfather rights also applies to the gold and black FISS CSCS cards and FaCT offers both the qualifications to retain these cards (Level 3 Diploma for Fencing Supervisors for the gold card; Level 5 in Leadership & Management for the black card).
For more details on how to sign up for the funding programme, to check eligibility or for more information on the end of industry accreditation and qualifications, please contact FaCT on 0121 476 4731 or info@fctrain.co.uk

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