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Warranty Scheme Hope

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - Save & Share

Findings of a fencing industry survey that aims to put an end to the protracted row over timber treatment have been submitted.

The Association of Fencing Industries has handed details to executives the Wood Preservation Association hoping that it could lead to the introduction of some form of warranty scheme.

Over 200 contractors from around the UK responded to the questionnaire which could be the first step in establishing a specialist scheme offering ‘total cost replacement’ provided installation was to an agreed criteria.

‘We have forwarded the results of the survey and will await the response from thew WPA once they have had time to look at it in depth,’ said AFI CEO Ian Ripley. ‘Certainly, it shows that there is a problem and it is something of concern.’

Contractors began flagging up difficulties more than a decade ago when the sale of CCA – copper, chrome, arsenic, treatments were halted on environmental grounds. This was followed by the withdrawal of chromium preservatives.

Since then failures of timber posts in ground contact have grown leading to the AFI approaching the Wood Protection Association to discuss the situation.

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