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Bracket Takes the Mesh Strain

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A problem-solving mesh installation bracket is part of a number of lifting options aimed at easing installation, maintenance and access.
The patented QAB bracket is the brainchild of Chris Johnstone , managing director of Scottish based WCC Westcoast, which has been involved in high security mesh contracts since the company was established twenty eight years ago.
‘The problems of handling heavy weight 358 mesh panels are well known,’ said Johnstone.
‘Traditionally, the industry has taken a very ‘Heath Robinson’ approach using a variety of methods to get the panels into place.
‘With QAB brackets attached to the panels they can be easily and safely manoeuvred into place without damaging the panel. The bracket is simple to use and offers considerable cost savings when compared to powered access.’
The bracket has a safe working load of 500 kg. It is manufactured from aluminium and has been patented for the UK, USA, Middle East and Australian markets and has been submitted to Satra and rated against EN795b as a temproary anchor device.
Now the Helensburgh company has brought in Gary Wood, who has a wealth experience in the access industry, to head up the QAB systems which has been extended to include a wide range of applications to assist with compliance with working at height regulations.
‘We have been able to develop ladder systems, alloy scaffold tower, fall arrest systems thanks to the QAB bracket which enables contractors to get into very restricted access positions where other equipment just wouldn’t have the space.
‘This means personnel can work hands free on fence applications like toppings or PID systems.’
The QAB bracket has already gained preferred safe system status for a number of military contracts.
‘This really is a game changer for the industry and offers so much potential in making installing heavy mesh systems safer and in a shorter time while also eliminating damage to the product and providing fall protection,’ said Wood.

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