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Borg Launches Covid Beating Lock

Last updated: Monday, October 19, 2020 - Save & Share

Locks and lock handles are a potential high-transmission surface for the coronavirus but an Essex lock manufacturer has come up with a solution specifically designed to limit the transmission of COVID-19.

Borg Locks has patented a physical copper alloy shield for their digital push-button combination locks which they hope will ‘lock the door’ against COVID-19.

Called the Cu-Shield, this is the world’s first keypad shield which can be retrofitted to existing keypad locks in high-transmission areas within hospitals, residential care homes, schools and businesses.

John Hyslop, managing director of Borg Locks (UK) said: “In our everyday lives we constantly open and close doors, touch and turn locks, pull and push door handles. Before you next put your hand on a door or lock, think about how many other hands or fingers might have touched that surface since it was last disinfected. The number might shock you.

“We came up with the idea of creating the Cu-Shield for our most popular digital lock designs.

“Made from a high copper content alloy (60%), its inherent and continuous antimicrobial action due to the virus-killing power of copper, means that the copper-touch surface never stops killing any viruses and pathogens that are present.

“Copper wins and is proven in the fight to control the spread of the coronavirus, and our Cu-Shield is ready to fight the virus now.”

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