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Birkdale Locks in Patents

Last updated: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - Save & Share

In a move that reaffirms the company’s position as a leader in advanced gate and fencing hardware Birkdale, has been awarded full product patents for the single and double locking versions of its innovative GATEMATE® Euro Profile Long Throw Lock.

Designed to provide avanced gate security across all types of applications, the GATEMATE® Euro Profile Long Throw Lock is claimed by the company to outperform traditional locking systems on a number of levels.

Designed to be a durable and reliable solution features a specially designed, hardened core bolt, with a high-security six pin lock barrel.

This Birkdale maintains makes it  harder to cut through, if attempted. This resistance can be further enhanced with the addition of a high security escutcheon, which is also supplied by the Buckinghamshire based company.

Additionally, as the bolt used on the patented solution is of a greater length than those used on standard systems, the locks are not affected by a gap between the gate and gatepost.

It is manufactured from corrosion resistance grade 316 stainles steeland is being made available in a range of finishes to match existing gate hardware and can be fitted to gate, shed or garage door systems.

The company’s engineering team have specially designed the patented solutions to feature a narrowed body, which facilitates simple installations regardless of height. Installers using the range get a comprehensive fitting instructions and self-adhesive drilling template, included as standard when purchasing the products.

Security stainless steel screws and driver bits are also included with every purchase, to ease installation.

John Abernethie, managing Director at Birkdale, commented: “As a company, we are delighted to have been awarded these new patents, which underline how unique our product solutions truly are and how Birkdale continue to lead the market with innovation.

“With the GATEMATE® Euro Profile Long Throw Locks, we are offering customers a straightforward solution, pre-packed with everything you need to install. As well as providing leading security performance, the range is available in a wide-range of finishes and can be finished with additional touches, such as decorative pull handles, which we are also proud to supply.

“Once installed, the solution benefits from an elongated anti-rattle keep and an anti-chase plate, which protect it from accruing significant wear and tear. As such, if you are looking for a stylish, easy to install locking system, designed with anti-cut, anti-tamper and anti-drill capabilities, then it is the ideal solution.”


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