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Lochrin Bain Score Palisade First

Last updated: Friday, May 1, 2020 - Save & Share

Glasgow based Lochrin Bain are developing a raft of new products as the company looks to maintain its place in the security sector.

The company, part of the Martin Group of companies, has seen major engineering investment over the past three years at its Cumbernauld plant, providing the foundation to move ahead with new products.

Latest to come on stream is the updated version of its Combi™ Palisade which experts have confirmed as being the first product of its kind to achieve Security Rating A1 (SR1) to LPS 1175 Issue 8.

This puts its head-to-head with security mesh systems which have taken a major piece of the security sector in recent years.

“The industry’s leading security specification specialists BRE have confirmed this as an industry first,’ said Lochrin Bain commercial manager Stephen Russell. “Our new patented palisade system competes directly with SR1 rated mesh alternatives such as 358. It offers the same attack delay times and at a similar cost. It is something that s been missing from the industry.”

It took some nine months to develop the new Combi™ palisade with Lochrin Bain keen to prove that its engineering team could match the mesh systems.

“There has never been anything like this available to the market until now. With traditional palisade which have generic front fix pales, the fence can be breached inside 12 seconds using some of the most basic tools. But with the Combi™ SR1 that is not the case and architects, security consultants and contractors can now specify a product that offers a formidable fence line at a competitive price. Another big advantage over the mesh systems is that palisade can be raked easily to cope with uneven ground,” said Russell (pictured eciving the BRE certification for the company’s Combi gates).

Lochrin Bain is also producing pedestrian and vehicle access gates for the Combi™ SR1 system, as well as security toppings, plus the fence can be integrated with PIDS security solutions.

Galvanised as standard, the system can be polyester powder coated and comes with a 25 year design warranty when installed by Lochrin Bain approved contractors.

“We see this as a major landmark in the history of palisade and is the first of several new products which we will be introducing over the coming year,” said Russell.

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