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Birkdale Launches Durapost Installer Scheme

Last updated: Saturday, April 18, 2020 - Save & Share

Gate and fencing accessories supplier Birkdale, has launced its DuraPost® Trained Installer Scheme.

Based on the company’s innovative steel fence post system, installers can receive product and installation training, as well as a range of other business benefits and rewards.

Currently free to join for a limited time, the DuraPost Trained Installer Scheme provides installers with the opportunity to undergo training to further their knowledge of the system, its accessories and complementary products, as well as best practice installation techniques. Members of the DuraPost® Trained Installer Scheme will also receive guidance on how best to use the FENCEBUILDER app, which helps to plan installations, produce quick, professional quotes for customers and place product orders.

Additionally, installers who successfully complete the training will receive a free company listing on the DuraPost® website which aims to generate new leads and promote their business to potential customers.

John Abernethie, CEO at Birkdale, said: “We are really excited to introduce this scheme to installers of DuraPost® as it is a great resource that we hope will provide them with valuable opportunities to help boost their business visibility, attract new customers and further their product knowledge.

“We also wanted to reward DuraPost® installers for their continued support and commitment, which is why we have created a points reward system, available exclusively for members of the DuraPost® Trained Installer Scheme. Every DuraPost® product purchased and installed will automatically be converted into points, via the FENCEBUILDER app, which installers can then redeem in exchange for vouchers, benefits and other incentives set by Birkdale on a quarterly basis.”

Manufactured using cold-rolled galvanised steel, Birkdale’s Durapost® by FENCEMATE offers a robust yet lightweight alternative to timber or concrete fence posts.

“As a result of its superior weight to strength ratio, DuraPost® has an easy to install sleek profile, making it up to six-times more space efficient and 80% lighter than concrete alternatives. It is available in a choice of four contemporary colours, with colour matched accessories, including anthracite grey, olive grey, sepia brown and uncoated galvanised steel.

For more information on Birkdale’s Durapost® Installer Scheme, please visit the specialist Birkdale’s dedicated website page.

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