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Ireland First for DHF Safety Course

Last updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - Save & Share

DHF has announced that its first one-day public Automated Gate Group Certificate Course will be launching in Ireland nexty month. The inaugural course, aimed specifically at installers and maintenance operatives, will take place on Wednesday 17th July at the Green Isle Hotel in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland.

It is the first time that DHF has launched a one-day automated gate course in Ireland, with the federation offering to all installers and not just DHF members.

‘Comprising five learning modules, with each module ending in a short examination that reinforces the key learning points, delegates will learn how to use the appropriate parts of technical specification, DHF TS 011:2019,’  said DHF’s commercial manager, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens.

‘They will also gain a deeper understanding of standards affecting the safety of new installations, maintenance and repair of automated gates and traffic barriers. The course presents examples of past failures and prosecutions as well as giving the learner the ability to accurately conduct and document a risk assessment. We are delighted to be able to bring this to a wider audience.
‘Previously, we have only offered our two-day Diploma course on a private basis with our member companies, so this is a real leap of faith in the installer sector. If successful, we plan to introduce regular courses in Dublin, going forward.’

She continues: ‘DHF was approached by the PSA (Private Security Authority) to use DHF TS 011:2019 as the foundation for a standard they are creating for the automated gate and traffic barrier sector. This seemed a perfect time to introduce public courses for those wishing to gain a better understanding of the proposed new standard.

‘DHF remains 100% committed to raising standards through its comprehensive training courses and we continue to urge both managers and operatives to ensure they have received the appropriate level of training to fulfil their legal and moral responsibilities. There can be no place in our industry for unsafe, non-compliant products and dangerous installations.’

For further information about DHF training courses click here.

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