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Zaun Buys EyeLynx IPR and Assets

Last updated: Friday, April 27, 2018 - Save & Share

Zaun Limited has acquired all the intellectual property rights (IPR) and assets of EyeLynx Limited after the voluntary liquidation of its former subsidiary.

Zaun will continue the business under the trading name of Zaun Technology, which will be part of the multi-award-winning perimeter protection systems Zaun Group.

The EyeLynx range of security software services and products – including its iconic SharpView CCTV solutions and much-vaunted EPR-500 radar – will be part of the Zaun brand product line under this new approach.

The core technical team behind the product and support remain unchanged under Francisco Feijoo, but fellow co-founder and former CEO Jay Patel is no longer part of the business.

Zaun Technology has taken on all support contracts and product warranties for EyeLynx customers under the deal.

Zaun co-founder and director Alastair Henman said: “Customers in the perimeter security industry will benefit from a more holistic solution, driven by innovation.  We wish Jay the best of the luck with his new endeavours.”

Zaun had been steadily integrating the business since acquiring it three and a half years ago and the approach to the market through channel partners Eclipse Digital Solutions, Harper Chalice and Tensor will continue.

While the quality of its CCTV has been praised by The Metropolitan Police, the radar is currently attracting most customer interest.

Feijoo created a mobile pack fitted with its EPR-500 radar and all-in-one Pharos PTZ camera on top of a tripod to demonstrate instantly to security managers that it can identify predatory vehicles at up to 700m – and drones at 80 metres.

The EPR-500 radar with SharpView detects, tracks and records moving objects in a 120° field of view, such as people and transport, in high resolution, even at night, making it ideal for airport perimeter intruder detection, railway trackside public safety and building site security and asset protection.

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