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Locinox in Access Keypad First

Last updated: Monday, April 2, 2018 - Save & Share

Locinox is taking its first steps in the outdoor electronic access control industry with the launch of its SlimStone keypad.

This latest addition to its range is seen as an important step in product development.

As one of the trendsetting players in the fencing business, the strategy to develop a high quality keypad is actually a very logical one, as explained by

‘With the SlimStone keypad, Locinox emphasizes more than ever to be a supplier of total concepts for the gate and fencing industry,’ said Lieven Pieters, sales and marketing director at Locinox. ‘This way, we offer a total solution to the manufacturers and installers : Locinox becomes the one-stop-shop for required accessories which are necessary to operate a gate.

‘A few months ago we launched the Modulec-SA Kit. This kit consists of the premium surface mounted electric Modulec keep, the SlimStone keypad and the power supply. This way, the installer orders very quickly everything he needs to turn a regular gate in an extra safe environment where intruders are kept out,’ he said.

‘Quality and ease of installation are in the first place during the development process. In the end, we are all winners. Not only the client will be happy but we as Locinox hardly get any complaints or callbacks. That gives peace of mind to anyone.

‘When we say SlimStone is weatherproof, we really mean it. Thanks to the 100% resin encapsulated housing, water nor dust can ever harm its functioning. SlimStone is perfectly weatherproof, whatever the circumstances! We actually exceed by far the IP68 rating since we have entirely submerged the SlimStone for a period of 70 days, and it is still working flawlessly. It also has an integrated smart heating system allows a frost-free use, which is excellent for the arctic regions where temperatures drop well below zero.

‘The installer is able to install and configure the SlimStone keypad very easily. That’s why we developed highly detailed step-by-step installation and configuration videos which guarantee a swift and perfect installation. This is in line with our philosophy to be by our clients side all along the way. Also thanks to the Quick-Fix system, the SlimStone keypad is attached very tight to the gate post.’

The SlimStone has been engineered from a powder coated aluminium housing with a brushed stainless steel keypad and push buttons which have been lasered. The textured lacquer isd claimed to be  scratch proof and the keypad has undergone a 1.000-hours salt spray test.

The adjustable integrated white LED-lights allow a safe and efficient operation during the night or in case of bad weather.

‘The SlimStone is the first yet highly convincing step by Locinox in the outdoor access control industry. But there is more to come,’ he said.  ‘Right now, we are developing a keypad with Bluetooth technology allowing automatic access thanks to your smartphone. And we are looking even further than that, a keypad connected to the internet is in development as well.’

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