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BeA Fuels Better Reliability

Last updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - Save & Share

BeA Fastening Systems is revamped its fuel cell technology to up in gas powered nailer reliability.
The business, which ranks as one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of fastening technology, tools and consumables for construction and industrial-focused applications, has revamped and relaunched its existing range of fuel cells for first and second fix tools.
Paul Shepherd, national sales manager at BeA, explains: ‘Modern  contractors demand gas powered nailers that work as hard as they do. Frequently, gas fuel cells can be a weak link in an otherwise robust chain and our new products aim to overcome that. We have gone to great lengths to develop cells that users can count on for optimum reliability, time after time after time.’
Compatible for use in gas powered nail guns from most well-known manufacturers, the new BeA fuel cells use a propane and butane mix alongside an enhanced cell design.
This enables them to deliver consistent performance – driving up to 1200 fasteners from every cell. Their long lifespan also helps to reduce stoppages for fuel cell changes. Plus, the new cells perform better in the cold whilst the gas formula employed helps to minimise exhaust gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more comfortable working environment.
The new BeA fuel cells also incorporate a synthetic oil that enables them to lubricate the tool in which they are used and to reduce carbon deposits. This again contributes to reduced misfires and helps to increase the tool’s effectiveness and overall working life.
‘BeA has an active programme of new product research and development and our next generation gas fuel cells have been created as a result of that and following feedback from our stockists and end-users. We’ve listened to the market’s needs, understood its expectations and developed a product which we believe exceeds them by setting new standards in performance and reliability,’ he said.

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