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FaCT Offers Apprenticeship Aid

Last updated: Monday, January 15, 2018 - Save & Share

FaCT – the leading fencing industry training body, is urging companies to take up the option of funding backed apprenticeships to boost output.
Last year FaCT helped enrol 100 apprentices (see the the latest course calendar) access more than £400,000 of government cash.

‘We can access anything from 75% to 100% funding for the apprenticeship scheme,’ said Tim Drew, the managing director of FaCT
‘It’s great for the businesses because they have all the benefits of an apprentice and have very little training costs. That coupled with the increased productivity of the business means they’re making money whilst gaining a highly trained and skilled member of staff. With sky-high tuition fees and living costs apprenticeships are a viable and cost-effective path to a qualification.’

He pointed out that apprenticeships do not just benefit the candidate, listing six plus points.
• Employing an apprentice increases the flexibility of the existing workforce staff to take on less menial tasks. 96% of employers recognise that apprentices are beneficial to their business.
• The lower wages of an apprentice allow a business to reduce costs and increase skills.
• Develeopment of a skilled and motivated workforce.
• You can tailor an apprentices training package to suit your needs as a business.
• A total of 76% of employers acknowledge that apprentices increase the productivity of their business.
• Apprenticeships are one way that industries are tackling skills shortages and lack of qualified personnel.
For queries about the scheme contact FaCT on 0121 476 4731 or email Tim@fctrain.co.uk

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