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Heras Claim Latest SafeGlide2 is Safest Yet

Last updated: Monday, November 6, 2017 - Save & Share

A year of development has led Heras to launch what it claims to be ‘its safest sliding gate on the market.’

The SafeGlide 2 is being offered into the UK market prior to it being offered to other European markets.

‘The UK has a mature and demanding market for automated sliding gates with some of the toughest legislation in Europe,’ said Geoff Miles, national sales director at Heras in the UK. ‘The SafeGlide 2 is extremely safe. The product fulfils and often exceeds UK safety regulations.’

It was last year that Heras engineers were given the brief to design the SafeGlide 2 around safety; reliability and ease of installation after extensive market research.

‘SafeGlide 2 is not only lightweight, but also quick and easy to install thanks to its prefabricated modular construction,’ he said. ‘With the development of the SafeGlide 2 we have listen solely to the needs of our customers. Also we offer full technical back up and site inspection.

SafeGlide 2 is being offered in multiple size options and with various infill options.

‘We believe SafeGlide 2 supplies the market with a product that meets and exceeds all of the requirements of the UK industry,’ he said.

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