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Generators ‘Always Ready’

Last updated: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - Save & Share

On-site emergency back-up generators at the UK’s largest water and waste company have been protected with state-of-the-art remote monitoring kits.

Thames Water Utilities has asked a leader in CCTV and video analytics to devise a temporary light-touch remote monitoring solution to protect its ‘Always Ready Hubs’ in portable cabins at strategic sites.

EyeLynx Limited, part of the Zaun perimeter protection group that has worked with Thames Water on its AMP6 framework for more than four years, has created a solution based on its iconic SharpView video recording and management software.

EyeLynx has installed its SharpView recorder and CCTV cameras at a number of strategic locations across the Thames Water estate, together with infrared sensors and audio alarms, powered by solar batteries and networked with 4G connectivity.

It makes the installations almost maintenance free, while they beam HD video and other sensor data for live monitoring and recording remotely.

SharpView systems can record and manage multi-megapixel and HD video evidence from an unlimited number of CCTV cameras.  Alarms are also recorded from other security devices, such as facial recognition, intruder and fire sensors.

Thames Water manages more than 4,500 sites, the majority of them unmanned, that require security to protect the water supply to over 14 million people.

Accidental pollution, the safety hazard of sewage, the potential for theft and even mindless vandalism all mean site safety and security is paramount.

Thames Water chose Zaun back in 2013 as one of four appointed contractors for their framework agreement for the supply and installation of security fencing & gates, and one of three for their ongoing maintenance.

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