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Heras Offers Full Package

Last updated: Friday, October 6, 2017 - Save & Share

The Heras group has undertaken what it describes as a brand consolidation exercise to simplify and extend what it offers the market in terms of product range and services.

Under the reshuffle, the specialist capability of intrusion detection specialists Geoquip and the entrance control knowledge from the previous Broughton controls business has been encompassed within the larger Heras structure.

This is designed to enable the new look Heras to deliver perimeter protection solutions ‘fitting their needs.’

A spokesman for the company said:

‘Heras is now able to now provide fencing, entrance control and detection equipment. This change integrates our three products lines and sales teams. We can pool our knowledge to better support our customers. Whether it is high security for critical infrastructure protection or simply protection of a school play area, customers can deal with one business and get the full package.

‘The former high security entrance control segment of Geoquip will be completely merged into Heras entrance control consolidating all entrance control products such as gates, barriers and turnstiles under one product category. The Geoquip perimeter intrusion detection systems products and the Heras electric fence will form the new product category of detection.’

‘Bringing the product mix together, structuring it correctly and creating complete solutions will make it easier for customers to get the result they need,’ he said.

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