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Website Update Aids Testing

Last updated: Friday, September 29, 2017 - Save & Share

EasyGates Direct, the nationwide electric gate and garage door automation, access control and safety supplier, has launched an updated GTE force test tool website.

The new domain www.forcetesttool.co.uk now allows any user with an internet enabled device (such as laptop, tablet or smartphone) to produce free of charge force test reports for all their automated gates and doors.

Visitors to the new improved site can pre-select templates for test point data which auto-populates the relevant fields, enabling the user to enter their data quickly and efficiently.

Stuart Roddy, national sales manager said: ‘In minutes a professional report will be created that can either be viewed and saved locally, e-mailed to the customer or the testers own systems for processing and storage.’

The updated force test tool has been created to coincide with the quick, reliable UK calibration service EasyGates are now offering to all users of KMG-LITE and KMG-2000 force testers.

‘With the influx of force testing equipment coming in to the UK gate and door industries in recent years, many installers are finding additional costs piling up to re-calibrate their equipment. Until recently this meant a complex procedure of shipping expensive equipment across continents for calibration. Often this equipment is vital to an installer’s everyday role and can cause headaches when waiting for anything from 7 days up to 4 weeks to get the item back,’ he said.

‘With as little as a 2-3 working day turnaround, we are now a vital partner for gate/door installers who need their testing equipment calibrated and back in there hands ASAP.

‘We have recently spent extensive time in Germany training our staff on the calibration, certificate re-issue and testing of these essential devices”.

In 2016 the dhf (Door Hardware Federation which represents the UK gate and door industry) developed a new code of practice.

‘After taking on board feedback from manufacturers and installers in the UK market, the general feeling is whilst these tests are a very thorough and robust method of verification they are perhaps a little overcomplicated. The DHF TS011:2016 code of practice has now defined a new industry standard method allowing for as little as 5* tests to be carried out to provide greater flexibility whilst maintaining integrity and safe results.’

EasyGates Direct have created an in-depth guidance video explaining how to carry out these tests and apply the code of practice, it is freely available here

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