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Safety Edge Gets Colour Change

Last updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - Save & Share

Safety technology, sensing and automation suppliers, IN2 Access and Control Ltd,  are claiming to have revolutionised the appearance of safety edges for gates.
Specifically designed to complement Bircher’s  safety edge system, IN2 Access have introduced black anodised aluminium mounting rails to the marketplace.
The aluminium’s matt black finish offers a seamless, streamline appearance – eliminating the silver strip between an application and its essential electrical safety edge.
In the past, installers have been known to spray paint a black finish onto aluminium mounting rails but this is both costly and time-consuming because of drying times.

‘The addition of black anodised and our recent angled aluminium mounting rails not only enhances options for the extensive range of reliable electrical safety edge products, but it gives a more aesthetically pleasing and seamless look, which can be easily retrofitted to existing installations,” said director Kane Tetley.

The anodising process used on IN2 Access and Control’s new mounting rails ensures the aluminium is protected using an oxide layer, which has a higher corrosion and abrasion resistance – increasing durability and wear.
Black aluminium is available now with Bircher safety edge profiles using AP-S, AP-5, AP-8 and angled AP-G1-D20 mounting rails.

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