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Crime & Fire Unveils CPNI Security Safe

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A multi-functional security safe mounted into the perimeter of sites of critical national infrastructure has been unveiled at Security & Counter Terror Expo 2017.

Turnkey security systems integrator Crime & Fire Defence Systems launched the Victrix Vault on fencing partner Zaun Limited’s stand at the two-day expo at London’s Kensington Olympia.

Crime & Fire created the innovative fence- or wall-mounted safe to meet specific customer requirements in the utilities sector.

safeThe Victrix Vault and its housing frame can be mounted into a variety of fence materials, including Zaun’s ArmaWeave woven mesh, ‘358’ prison mesh and palisade fencing.  It can even be mounted into a brick wall.

Crime & Fire MD and founder Chris Laughton says: “Unique customer requirements sometimes dictate that innovative design and manufacture is required to solve problems.  That was exactly the case with this safe, which we have developed in direct response to challenges we faced at CNI sites we are working on.”

The Victrix Vault has been designed to work with electric fencing running at the rear of the unit and along the fence line.

The safe has numerous security features built-in and is approved by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure for use around sites of strategic importance in the UK.

Crime & Fire has worked with many of the UK’s gas and electricity networks for many years to develop turnkey security solutions.  The company integrates on-site physical security, access control, CCTV cameras, electronics, reporting systems and networks that enable remote monitoring from a central control station.

The Victrix Vault weighs 98 kg, is almost one metre wide and comes either in a raw galvanised state or powder coated.

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