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FCA and EFIA to merge?

Last updated: Monday, October 17, 2016 - Save & Share

A vote to merge the Fencing Contractors Association and the European Fencing Industry Association will be taken later this month.

Members of both organisations will meet at respective Extraordinary General Meetings on October 26 when the suggested terms of the merger will be spelt out.

Discussions have been going on for a number of months between the two and the merged organisation – titled the ‘Association of Fencing Industries’ – could be in existence as soon as January 1 next year.

Letters have gone out to members of both sides with invitations to attend the EGMs at Lantra’s offices at Stoneleigh near Coventry.

In an open letter to members, signed by both FCA chairman Adam Binns and EFIA chairman Bernard Kilbride, a step by step guide is set out as to how the merger would work and the timings.

“A new body will provide both a gateway and  ladder for development of companies and their employees. Fencing from the supply of materials to installation, should be a profession in which we can all take pride,” says the letter. It also states that discussions between the two organisations have led to  blief that the industry would be ‘better served’ by a single trade association.

Under thr proposals, exisiting membership of the EFIA and the FCA would ‘roll over’ into the new association. A chief executive would be answerable to a chairman and a board of eight members made up of a combination of EFIA and FCA members. It is further proposed that Adam Binns (FCA chairman) would take on the role of chairman of the newly formed organistaion with Alison Payne, CEO of the EFIA, becoming chief executive.

For full details of the proposals click here

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