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FAAC acquires Centurion

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South African automation specialistists Centurion Systems has become part of the global access powerhouse FAAC S.p.A.

The acquisition of Centurion Systems by multinational access automation brand FAAC was  formalised with a signing in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

FAAC has 32 branches worldwide plus an extensive distribution network.

The group’s activity is focused around three business units: access automation, parking and Aaccess control dealing with gate and garage door operators, automatic entrances, tubular motors, automatic bollards and barriers, parking solutions and pedestrian access control.

FAAC was founded in 1965 and is today an international industrial Group with over 2000 employees, 12 production plants in Europe and 30 foreign subsidiary companies throughout the world. The group headquarter is based, since its foundation, in Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy.

The acquisition is seen by both sides as a global fit to aid future expansion around the world.

“We are delighted to join forces with FAAC,’ said Patrick Dickens CEO of Centurion at the official signing ceremony at the South African company’s head office in Johannesburg. ‘We believe that the combination of Centurion’s strong knowledge of the market and of its end-users’ preferences, together with FAAC’s solid industrial, financial and technological competences, will be a paramount factor in next years. FAAC will in fact add, where appropriate, technical and industrial competences, financial capabilities and international distribution channels to make Centurion even stronger and capable to fuel its growth path both in South Africa and outside.’

Andrea Marcellan FAAC Group CEO said that the acquistion gave FAAC new horizons for its development in the whole of Africa and in key-countries outside of it, ‘thanks to the long-term experience and know-how developed successfully by Centurion in the last 30 years.’

Established in 1986, Centurion Systems (Pty) Ltd has become the leading South African manufacturer of gate motors and access automation equipment. Employing 380 people with eight offices in SA, one in Nigeria and Australia.

Jacopo Malacarne,  director of business unit FAAC Simply Automatic refrred to Centurion as
old-time customer from the 80s.

‘Having seen it flourish as an independent manufacturer internationally, capable of integrating world-class management practices with local market understanding in South Africa, we are delighted to cross avenues again and to work together going forward.

Centurion has stressed that its brand and products, people (including senior management) and distribution model will remain unchanged in light of the acquisition.

‘Clients can expect the same level of quality and support that they have been receiving for the past 30 years, but with an enhanced international presence,’  said Centurion marketing and sales director Richard Rohman.

‘This merely means that we are now part of a larger family, and will ultimately be able to provide our clients – new and old – with a much larger and more diverse service offering.’



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