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Site secured in anglers’ haven

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An operational Thames Water site that sits among East London’s anglers has had its security upgraded with no downtime.

The two compounds at Walthamstow Reservoir have been fitted with security fencing from Thames Water perimeter protection partner Zaun.

Zaun has supplied its most intruder-resistant product around the main compound. ArmaWeave’s unique properties add substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools. The tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again limiting the potential for intrusion.

While Zaun Group installer Binns Fencing had to hand dig around a mass of cables and conduits and invent a novel way of cladding the back of the palisade fencing on the smaller compound with its HiSec mesh.

The surrounding Walthamstow Reservoir is internationally recognised for the diverse range of birds that it attracts and consists of 10 individual reservoirs, some of them Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The nature haven in the heart of the capital also offers the budding angler the chance to fish specimen carp, bream, chub and both rainbow and brown trout.

2015110301 Thames Water Lee Tunnel extensionThe official opening of London’s new multi-million pound ‘super sewer’ has triggered Thames Water to install high security perimeter protection for its main access points.

The access points to the 4.3 mile-long Lee Tunnel extension are being secured by Zaun with its most intruder-resistant product, ArmaWeave, with double leaf gates.

It is being installed by Zaun subsidiary Binns Fencing, who are working with main contractor MVB, a joint venture comprising Morgan Sindall, VINCI Construction Grands Projets and Bachy Soletanche.

The opening coincided with Thames Water renewing the appointment of Zaun to a multi million pound framework agreement for a further year to May 2017.

Thames Water Utilities retains the option to extend for a further two years to 2019 and the end of the current Asset Management Programme, AMP6.

Thames Water originally chose Zaun as one of four appointed contractors for their framework agreement for the supply and installation of security fencing & gates, and one of three for their ongoing maintenance.

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