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Investment benefits Zaun

Last updated: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - Save & Share

A string of production equipment acquisitions over the past year has helped make Zaun the leanest manufacturer in the perimeter systems market.


2014102701 Zaun factory operative low res for webPrevious investments focused on the 44,000 sq ft multi-million-pound Paul Holloway Manufacturing Facility that houses the world’s largest mesh weaving machine, which produces ArmaWeave, climed by Zaun to be the most intruder resistant product for the high security market.


The past year has seen Zaun buy a new tube laser cutter, a further mesh welding line, and automation of other key processes to further enhance its manufacturing capabilities and capacity and cut out waste.


Additional bailers and squashers have boosted recycling while a new forklift truck has improved materials handling.


Training for shop floor staff has seen new welding qualifications for security rated product manufacture. New 3D design software has replaced 2D throughout the business, giving customers clearer representations of designs, reducing errors and improving efficiency.


2014102701 Zaun laser cutter closeup low res for webWhile the introduction of experienced engineer Roberto Garziera as production and factory manager has streamlined a series of processes and improved productivity and efficiencies in production.


Co-founder and director Alastair Henman said: ‘Trading conditions have been tough over the last few years, so we have had to innovate, invest and add more value to keep ahead and busy.


‘Our ongoing investment in people, equipment and relationships has ensured we have the most modern machinery and production software. This reduces wastage and speeds up production times, giving us the edge over the competition.’

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