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ZaunStore new look relaunch

Last updated: Friday, January 29, 2016 - Save & Share

ZaunStore Duo6

Zaun Limited has relaunched its online ecommerce website with a complete new look and improved customer interface, along with improved product listings and much more competitive prices.


The relaunch of the ZaunStore website aims to give visitors a warmer welcome and a more consistent experience to live up to Zaun’s mission to make fencing panels, gates and locks easier to buy and more accessible to everyone.


The move coincides with a big push on Zaun’s Duo6 fencing, which it is selling at its most competitive rate ever, as low as £7.61 per metre.


The redesign has improved the look, design and overall structure of the website to make our products easier to buy and easier to find for customers. Customers are vitally important to Zaun, and the process for them to find the products they require has to be as simple and easy as possible to ensure the transaction goes through smoothly.


A great deal of work has gone into making sure all of Zaun’s products listed have as much information as required for customers to make a purchase, so the quality of the images and product information have improve along with the prices.


Today’s launch is just the beginning. Zaun will be continually adding new and improved products to the site and will ensure that prices are competitive to keep customers happy.

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