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Matador bollard is a truck stopper

Last updated: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - Save & Share

Heald's new New HT2-Matador surface mount sliding bollardHeald has raised the bar with its newest surface mounted automatic bollard system, the HT1-Matador.


The new HT2-Matador offers surface mounted automated security like its predecessor, which the company maintained ‘revolutionised’ perimeter security three years ago as the world’s first surface mounted automatic bollard.


The Matador stopped a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling at 40mph in tests, with zero penetration past the bollards which remained operational without repair following the impact.


It works using electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical or manual operation and can be supplied with an Emergency Fast Operation feature, allowing the bollard to close in around 1.5 seconds in emergency situations. It also features a special mechanism to secure the central bollard in the locked position, ensuring that it cannot be moved or pushed open.


The new Matador can be surface mounted or installed flush with the road with a depth of only 115mm and with a range of stylish stainless steel covers. This makes it ideal for temporary installations, as well as permanent ones. It comes with the user-friendly Hydra control and monitoring system.


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